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Camille Cook, APRN , FNP-C, RN, 

Board Certified Family Practitioner 

Travels From: Tampa, FL

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615) 681-6588

Categories: Skin Care, Executive Leadership, Clinical Instruction, Problem-Solving, Patient Outcomes, Nursing Practices, Medical Communications, Health and Wellness, Patient Advocacy.

Booking Code: 014


Camille Cook is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a background in Dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and anti-aging services. Cook has a passion to serve others and educate them on improving their largest organ, skin. Her son Bryce, who suffers from eczema, and husband Tifiro spent over 10 years on kidney dialysis and is a two-time kidney transplant survivor - both struggled with skin complications. She created and developed an all-natural body cream in her kitchen in 2011 due to their conditions and her not wanting them to continue using topical steroids, other unhealthy agents, and seeing them miserable by constantly scratching, digging, flaking, bleeding and being self- conscious about the appearance of their skin. As a wife, Mama Bear, healthcare provider, and solution seeker Cook just couldn’t sit back and watch the people she loved suffer. Not only did their skin improve dramatically, but so did their confidence! They kept asking Cook to make it despite the long hours it takes to formulate. They became addicted to the product! They wanted it and their skin needed it! Which is why the family coined the term, Creamy Crack. A Healthy Addiction for your SKIN!


Cook believes everyone deserves to have their skin moisturized, nourished, healthier, and protected. Still working full-time as a family nurse practitioner, Cook saw others suffering from the irritating symptoms of eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, kidney dialysis, radiation treatments from cancer, surgical wounds and dry, itchy, flaky skin. She wanted to make a difference, an impact! And she knew Creamy Crack had done just that for her family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and a focus group of 50 participants. With the encouragement and support of her husband and son, Cook sold her first jar in 2021 to a friend who underwent a bilateral mastectomy (removal of both breasts) due to breast cancer. Cook has stated that she is forever grateful for her friend and her willingness to try the handmade product. Her surgeons even complimented her on how well her skin healed. She is still one of Cooks best customers today.

As Cook continues to grow in her faith, her mission is to continue running a spiritually grounded, compassionately driven business serving everyBODY she can with humility. Creamy Crack, is an all-natural, steroid free, dermatologist approved, oncology safe, and suitable for all ages body cream - available on Amazon.   

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