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Jim Bramlett

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Travels From: Lenexa, KS

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)



With a career spanning over 40 years in the transportation and logistics industry, he has had the opportunity to wear many hats and contribute to the success of various businesses. A serial entrepreneur at heart, he has founded several companies, with his latest venture being a Chair at Vistage. This role allows him to guide and facilitate the growth of other business leaders, both personally and professionally.

As the founder of 5 String Solutions, a technology firm, he has dedicated efforts to bridging the gap between shippers and local, last-mile carriers. The firm's unique focus on real-time information sharing and enhanced shipment visibility sets it apart in the industry.

Before delving into entrepreneurship, he held an executive role at uShip and and led new product development at Yellow Freight. These experiences gave him a deep understanding of the logistics and transportation sector and equipped him with the skills to start his own businesses.

He has also authored two books, "The Unconventional Thinking of Dominant Companies" and “Stop The Hassle," providing insights into how businesses can organically grow and dominate their respective markets.

His entrepreneurial journey and expertise in business growth strategy and logistics have earned him recognition in the industry. He frequently shares his insights on these topics as a speaker at various events, providing valuable knowledge to the audience.

He currently resides in the Kansas City area, where he continues to explore new business avenues and contribute to the business community's growth.

When he is not wearing his business hat, you’ll find him sharing his expertise in business growth strategy and logistics or speaking at events. He calls the Kansas City area home.

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