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Lisa Mitchell, CFI

Communications Expert & Body Language Pro

Travels From: Indianapolis, IN

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Body Language, Corporate

Booking Code: 021

Lisa Mitchell News

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ISCPO Executive Roundtable Interview Series: Lisa Mitchell – CFI, Founder, Power Body Language

As part of our Executive Roundtable Interview Series, we sat down with Lisa Mitchell – CFI, Founder, Power Body Language.

Lisa Mitchell is a communications expert and experienced operations executive with expertise in communications strategy, change management, technology, and forensic interviewing. Lisa specializes in helping companies develop effective executive communications strategies, executive coaching and development, and making large transformational initiatives less painful through effective organizational communications training and coaching.



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ISCPO 2020 a Huge Success

. . . This was followed by a presentation with our first Keynote Speaker Lisa Mitchell, CFI, founder of Power Body Language, who opened the day with a conversation about winning “High-Consequence Conversations” and our opportunities to create change through our conversations and communications.


Lisa would go on to give us a roadmap to our communication and equipping yourself to collect good data from those you interact with by:

1) Setting a goal for the conversation;
2) Developing a Conversation Persona; and
3) Creating “Winning Plays”


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3 Tips To Decoding Your #SportsBiz Sales Manager

Lisa Mitchell, among a lot of other things, is a body language expert (she's a Certified Forensic Interviewer!). She has trained hundreds of executives and absolutely captivated the sales reps and managers at the ALSD Conference this past year. Her insights can absolutely be used on potential clients, but I've had a ton of reps write in about their relationships with their managers...and it made way too much sense when Lisa pitched this article idea. Please check out more of her information below!


Ask anybody what their top 3 superpowers would be if they could have any superpower in the world, and chances are that “being able to read people’s minds” would make the list. Not knowing what other people are thinking, especially what they think about you, causes more anxiety and frustration than almost anything else for most people.


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