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Rashmi Airan

Corporate and Motivational Speaker

Travels From: Miami, FL

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Ethics, Organizational Culture, Reputational Risk, Human Performance

Rashmi Airan Topics

Develop An Organizational Culture That Will Be A Key Driver of Performance
Culture has become the topic for C-Suite and Board executives as leaders are recognizing that organizational culture is a key driver of performance. Rashmi powerfully engages the audience in this session with her story to show why integrity is paramount to the growth and sustainability of an organization’s culture. She establishes a process within an organization’s culture that allows the safe space to have constantly evolving and necessary courageous conversations. Rashmi proposes how leadership must create, maintain, cultivate, and model the organization’s culture to be authentic and accountable. She will also identify the cultural shifts to meet the DOJ’s specific requirements for Corporate Compliance.

Creating the Business Discipline for Decision-Making
In today’s climate of corporate upheaval, global government unrest, and community organizations suering from questionable acts, corporations must instill the business discipline of decision-making. Rashmi will reveal her mental process for problem-solving acquired through her life experiences. Rashmi shares her behavioral psychology and emotional intelligence methods to inspire the entire organization from leadership to front line team members.

Harness Vulnerability And Transparency To Create Growth And Sustainability
Rashmi will engage your organization with her powerful story where she actively chose to ascend. Every individual and organization must learn how to deal with struggles and disruptions. Learn how to implement Rashmi’s techniques and mindsets throughout your organization. Learn how to harness the power within each person to catalyze growth and stability in any company.

Create a Value-Based Reputation Risk Strategy and a Risk-Informed Culture
Globally, corporate scandals have dominated the headlines and the strategy used to manage each crisis varies. As Warren Buffet’s famous words state “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” Whether it is potential employees or future clients and customers, a company must continually maintain a commitment to its brand and the risk to its reputation in the market. Rashmi extrapolates her own story and her decision to ascend through the many challenges she faced to explore how corporations can implement a reputation risk strategy focused on integrity and transparency. How can a company make choices that are risk-informed, incorporate culture, and avoid disruptions? Rashmi will share her three-part process to help create a values-based approach to protect any organization from risk to its reputation.

Sparking Impact in Today’s Woman
As a mother, entrepreneur, community leader, and professional, Rashmi has established a step-by-step approach that will guide women to keep pushing to rise. Rashmi will leave the audience empowered and energized to make meaningful changes both personally and professionally.

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