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Raymond Spencer

Film Director & Drone Operator

Travels From: Nashville, TN

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Drones, Technology, Film, Videography

Raymond Spencer Biography

Raymond Spencer is the writer/director of "The Blue Wall: A Conspiracy Against Citizens," and an award winning film maker, published author, accomplished actor, professional photographer and drone pilot.

"The Blue Wall: A Conspiracy Against Citizens," is Raymond's response to police killings of unarmed citizens and the public display of corruption within law enforcement. The film explores the mindset of an officer that has killed an unarmed person in a traffic stop. The film also explores what is said, between police officers, behind closed doors. Does the Institution of law enforcement corrupt honest police officers?

Raymond Spencer holds a Bachelors Degree in Videography from Rutgers University and an Associates Degree in Communications from Essex County College. A native of East Orange, New Jersey, Mr. Spencer stars as "Ezekial Archey," in "Slavery by Another Name," a PBS documentary. His award winning film project entitled "What Kind Of Man," explores the role of black men in the lives of black youth. The film is asking, what kind of men have we become?

He is also the Vice President of The Gentlemen's Uplifted Organization; a 501c3 corporation based in Newark, New Jersey.

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