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Jim Bramlett

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Travels From: Lenexa, KS

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)


Jim Bramlett Topics

Thriving Not Just Surviving: The Secret Formula for Business Growth

In today’s fiercely competitive market, the pathway to substantial business growth doesn’t necessarily require a hefty investment in marketing or an expansive sales team. Instead, the secret lies in aligning with your buyers’ needs through a comprehensive understanding of the sales cycle, intertwined with a robust company culture. This approach might seem straightforward, but it challenges deep-rooted beliefs and practices that often hold businesses back.

Join Jim Bramlett for an engaging and humorous exploration into the dynamics of successful companies that master this formula compared to those that struggle by creating unnecessary hurdles for their customers. Through real-life examples and insightful stories, Jim illustrates the stark differences in outcomes between these approaches.

This presentation will equip you with the insights to refine your growth strategy and inspire a transformative shift in how your business approaches the market. Join us to unlock the formula for your company’s success.

Participants will:

  • Identify the key differentiators and learn what sets market-leading companies apart from those that merely exist on the fringes of growth.

  • Understand the excuses buyers have for choosing alternative options and buying elsewhere.

  • Master a formula to discover a proven process for fostering a customer-centric culture that satisfies immediate client needs and secures long-term, sustainable growth.

  • Recognize the pitfalls and explore common traps companies fall into, which drive potential customers to competitors, and learn how to avoid them.

  • Redefine value creation and investigate the essence of innovation in business.

  • Revamp your messaging and inspire buyers to immediately relate to how you can solve their problems.

The Coaching Culture: How Great Leaders Inspire Peak Performance

While expertise in a specific subject is often the ticket to leadership roles, the art of inspiring others is rarely covered in the traditional educational journey. Yet, this ability to coach and motivate separates merely competent leaders from truly transformative ones. Despite the lack of formal education in leadership skills, the most influential leaders excel not just in their discipline but in elevating the people around them.

In this insightful session, Jim Bramlett delves into the essence of inspirational leadership. Drawing on a wealth of real-life examples, Jim uncovers the practices that exceptional leaders use to ignite passion and elicit their teams’ highest level of effort. He will discuss the keys to sustaining motivation and effective teamwork, demonstrating how the most successful leaders tap into the dynamics of the human spirit to maximize team potential.

This session is designed to empower current and aspiring leaders with the tools to foster a vibrant coaching culture within their organizations. Participants will be equipped to transform their leadership approach, inspiring their teams to new heights of achievement and satisfaction.

Participants Will:

  • Uncover powerful motivators to discover the most effective strategies for long-term motivation, going beyond superficial incentives to foster genuine commitment and enthusiasm.

  • Receive real-world success stories and hear compelling stories of leaders who use their coaching skills to build trust and forge lasting relationships, transforming their organizations.

  • Understand leadership without coercion and explore the critical understanding that true motivation cannot be forced. Learn how inspirational leaders create environments where team members are naturally inclined to strive for excellence.

  • Investigate how articulating a clear vision, mission, and purpose is not just important but essential for achieving full alignment within teams. This ensures that every member is engaged and moving in the same direction, fostering a sense of focus and alignment.

  • Be inspired by practical coaching stories that demonstrate how tailored motivation and team-building strategies can be implemented in any organization, giving you the confidence and capability to boost individual and collective performance.

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