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Dr. Mathew Knowles

Author, Professor, Lecturer, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Music Executive, Artist Manager & Founder of Music World Entertainment (MWE)

Available to Speak on the DNA of Achievers: 10 Traits of Highly Successful Professionals, Entrepreneurship 101, Cracking the Code: 20 Tips For Getting In the Music Industry, and more.

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Robin Shear 

Motivational Speaker, Joy Coach

Bestselling Author

Available to Speak on Beating Burnout, Reducing Turnover Rates, Finding Joy When Life’s Messy, Building Connection Personally and Professionally, Feeling Good in a Hurry, Decreasing Stress During the Holidays and More.

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Lisa Godley

Emmy Award Winning Journalist, On-Air Personality

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, Strategic Communication, Affordable Housing, Race, Global Warming.


Traci Otey Blunt

Strategic Communications & Public Affairs Strategist


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Merril Hoge 

Former National Football League Player, ESPN Sports Analyst, Author, Cancer Survivor, Inspirational Speaker

Leadership, Communication, Inspiration, Growth Mindset, Resilience, Self Control, Personal Development.


Dr. Tony Reames 

International Leader on Energy & Environmental Justice 

Energy Equity, Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Justice, Economic Impact and Diversity

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Camille Cook APRN,

Family Nurse Practitioner & Skin Care Specialist, Founder, Creator & CEO of the Creamy Crack Skin Care Line

Skin Care, Executive Leadership, Clinical Instruction, Problem-Solving, Patient Outcomes, Nursing Practices, Medical Communications, Health and Wellness, Patient Advocacy.

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Quinn Conyers

Public Speaking Expert, Corporate Event Emcee (MC), Women in Leadership Keynote Speaker

Collaboration, Professional Development, Speaking With Confidence, Communication, Women in Business, Leadership


Stephanie Mitchell Hughes, Esq.

Attorney, Mental Health Innovator, Workplace Disrupter

Thriving & Surviving in the Workplace, The Importance of Maintaining Mental Health, The Power of Resilience, Finding Purpose During Tough Times 


Rashmi Airan

Transformative Motivational Speaker, Culture Consultant, & Former Attorney 

Dharma Leadership, Accountability in Times of Turmoil, Adapt Agility, 6 Global Truths

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Isvari Maranwe

CEO at Yuvoice, Founded Dweebs Global, Award-Winning Cybersecurity Attorney

Cybersecurity, Leadership, Nonprofits, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Social Media, Criminal Justice Reform 


Dr. Jason Gines

Strategic Executive Leader, Organizational Culture Expertise, and 

Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Inclusion Cultivator

​Program Management, Strategy Development, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.


Vicki Yates

Emmy Award Winning Broadcast Journalist and News Anchor 

The Perception of Aging, Positive Mindset, Women of Color in Journalism, Dealing With Controversy, Journalism Career Paths 


Blaine Bishop

Radio Talk Show Host &

Former National Football League Player

The Keys to Self-Motivation, The Road to Success, The Motivation Mindset, The Discipline of Focus, The Winning Edge.

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Michael Pope, Jr.

Tech and Marketing Specialist

Marketing, Technology, Personal Development, and Leadership

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Lisa Charles, Esq.

Health Coach, Transformational Trainer & Author, and Former Federal Prosecutor

Available to speak on Breathe to Bust Stress, The Burn-Out Employee Solution, Post Pandemic Wellness, The Power of Pain to Reveal Life's Purpose, The Road to Ultimate Health.


BJ Daniels

Former National Football League Player

Overcoming Adversity, Mental Health Awareness, Putting Challenges in Check, and How to Build Resilience Through Persereverence and Preservation.

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Virgil Herring 

Award Winning PGA Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Podcast/TV Personality, Three Time Best Selling Author, "Ryder Cup" of Wine Host

Building Confidence, Turning Analytics Into Action, Self Motivation, Chasing Dreams, Confronting Fears, & Mental Training.

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Wanda Lloyd

Author & Journalist

Available to Speak on Topics Related to Diversity, Journalism, Women's Empowerment, Culture, Women in Culture, Social Equality.


Drew Maddux

C-suite Executive, Former Basketball Player & Head Coach

Rise Up, Winners Win, Mastering Fear, Life Balance Hack, Confidence Under Pressure, Do Your Job, The Power of Gratitude, Don't Quit (Do It), Connection, Clarity, Commitment, Compassion, Creativity, Conviction. 


Michael R. Pope

Author, Multi-Media Producer And Former U.S. Air Force Public Affairs Superintendent.

African American Studies, Research Tools, Fiction Book Writing 101, Using Multi Media Communication.

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Dr. Kevin Dyson

High School Principal, Former National Football League Player

Dare to Lead, Life's Transitions (Finding New Purpose and Passions), Qualified so you are Justified.

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Dr. Jomo Cousins

Pastor, Love First Christian Center, Published Author Former National Football League Player

Motivational Speaking, Financial Planning, Youth Programs, The Leader Within, Surviving The Storms of Life, The Winning Mindset.


Kimberly Bailey

Founder & CEO of Las Vegas Black Image Magazine & Radio Talk Show Host 

Publishing, Organizational Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Business Opportunities, Networking, Relationships, Innovation & Creativity, Manifestation

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Michelle Gines

Digital Strategies, Marketing & Communications 

Leadership, Personal Growth & Empowerment, Marketing, Communications, Digital Transformation 

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