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Stephanie Mitchell Hughes, Esq.

Attorney, Mental Health Innovator, Workplace Disrupter

Travels From: Columbus, OH

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Thriving & Surviving in the Workplace, The Importance of Maintaining Mental Health, The Power of Resilience, Finding Purpose During Tough Times 


Stephanie Mitchell Hughes has spent more than three decades as a labor and employment attorney, Mental Health Innovator and Workplace Disrupter.  Her vast experience has given her great insight and knowledge that can help corporations, organizations and individuals learn how to build healthy workspaces.  


In her seminars, Stephanie seeks to respectfully transform how employers and employees can collaborate to create steps and processes that work without breaking the bank.


Participants will:  


  • Disrupt stigma and barriers to addressing mental illness within the corporate and legal communities.

  • Identify common characteristics of an unhealthy work space.

  • Stop pretending that unhealthy work spaces do not exist

  • Assess the current realities behind toxic work spaces

  • Why Millennials and Generation Z employees will not accept unhealthy work spaces and what that means for employers who fail to address those spaces.

  • Fully embrace the paradigm shift in how we work. 




The legal profession has finally started to openly acknowledge mental health and well being.  Too many attorneys have died by suicide. Other members of the profession use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate instead of seeking mental health treatment. Stephanie believes that the legal profession must create safe spaces for attorneys to prioritize their mental health and well-being.  This will minimize risk and protect our clients. 


Participants will learn:


  • About the state of mental health and well-being in the legal profession.

  • Why the legal profession must prioritize mental health and well-being. 

  • Why mental health and well-being starts with leadership in the judiciary, law firms, other legal employers, and bar associations,  

  • About the correlation between mental health and well-being, risk of legal malpractice, employee productivity, and healthy workplaces. 

  • How to respond to the mental health and well-being needs of certain communities within the profession. 

  • About cost effective ways to address mental health and well-being in your workplace.

  • How to build an effective mental health program. 




Stephanie believes resilience is about embracing and learning from life’s hard places and seasons of our lives so that we can do the work that we purposed to do. Too often, people want to rush through the tough times and, but, in doing so, they are not able to learn the lessons and do the necessary work to live a meaningful and purpose driven life.


Participants will:


  • Learn about the hard work that needs to be done

  • Find out how to navigate the rough spots so that you can move forward later

  • Realize why life is not a circus…it’s not all about fun

  • How to drop off the baggage you are not meant to carry into your next chapter

  • Embrace the joy and beauty life has to offer by letting go of things that no longer serve you.

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