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Vicki Yates

Emmy Award Winning Broadcast Journalist and News Anchor

Travels From: Nashville, TN

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: The Perception of Aging, Positive Mindset, Women of Color in Journalism, Dealing With Controversy, Journalism Career Paths 

Booking Code: 009

How Your Later Years Can Be Your Best Years


We’ve all been there… you wake up…walking past the mirror...when a glance stops you. That slight wrinkle on your cheek wasn't there yesterday. Guess you need to put your glasses on to make sure. Maybe, there’s a pain in your massage it, but nope,  still there. Don’t get me started on those achy knees.


Participants will:


  • Learn why we’re negatively obsessed with aging

  • Discover how we can shift our focus in a positive way

  • Decide whether injectables, or surgery are good/safe options

  • Determine why “getting older” can give you a fresh look at your life

Women of Color in Journalism


Those of us who’ve spent a decent amount of our lives in the land of journalism know that it’s a fickle taskmaster. Your employment can come and go like yesterday’s lead story. So what pitfalls can you avoid and how?


Participants will:


  • Learn different paths to a career in journalism

  • How to deal with “controversial” stories, i.e. race, LGBTQ, school shootings, etc...

  • Are there restrictions connected to being a woman of color?

  • What branch of journalism would you be best-suited for?

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