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Drew Maddux

Former Basketball Player, Nike Basketball Director, Coach, Author, Podcaster & TV Personality

Travels From: Nashville, TN 

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Rise Up, Winners Win, Mastering Fear, Life Balance Hack, Confidence Under Pressure, Do Your Job, The Power of Gratitude, Don't Quit (Do It), Connection, Clarity, Commitment, Compassion, Creativity, Conviction 

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Speaking Topics



Understand the specific purpose you have, unlock the potential that is before you, and unleash the unique power of impact you can have on those around you.




We all have the ability to win, but do you know what it takes to win? Learn how to win in all areas of your life: Winners Win! Join Drew Maddux as he will lead a discussion that allows you to reflect on your vision for winning, your process to winning, and your investment in winning. Through storytelling, video illustrations, and personal application exercises, you will become and winner that is able to see, plan, and do.  




Everyone has something that they’re afraid of, it can be spiders, heights, or even public speaking. But just because you’re afraid of something, doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it. Mastering Fear to learn how you can overcome some of your biggest fears. If all you do is keep the plates spinning, you are actually creating more chaos and you need to life balance.



Learn how to be intentional and create balance. Join Drew Maddux as he will lead discussions that allow you to reflect on what season you are in to find the right life balance for you.


Confidence Under Pressure


  1. Hold on to the PROMISE

  2. Trust the PROCESS

  3. Lean into the right PEOPLE


“Do Your Job”: Jump in. Own your gifts. Build your legacy

  1. “Don’t Quit”: When you want to Quit…Just Breathe. Just Dream. Just Move.

  2. “The Power of Gratitude”: Think it. Say it. Live it.



We all have something that we are created to do, our purpose, and love to do, our passion, but how do we connect them together to become our best self? With a plan and with your own power. When you connect these four concepts, you can become aligned and develop into your best self all because of connection.   



As humans, we all have the need for connection; we are not meant to be alone. When you reflect on connection in your life you can break it down into three components: structured, sacrificial, and significant. When you understand all three, you can develop connections that lasts a lifetime.  


Gift of clarity

Reclaim, re-engage, and revisit our gifts and the impact our gifts can make.

All good gifts…

  1. Have a Story

  2. Have Special value

  3. Are worth Sharing


Clarity…the GPS to E3

Making the vision plain and clear allows one to:

1. Gain Alignment

2.  Become Unified

3.  Develop a common vision

4.  Create understanding


Once these components are established, trust is formed.

Provides Motivation- Energy commitment; Fuels purpose and direction; Creates more resilience; Belief grows stronger.

Specifies Winning- Confusion decreases; Individual roles and responsibilities tied to desired outcomes of organization; Speed and efficiency is improved; Accountability is measured.


3D Commitment

  1. Disruption

  2. Discomfort

  3. Discovery which leads to Discipline


Commitment respect - 3 ideas of the ways you and your team can respect the necessary commitment needed to maximize all you are and all you are becoming:


  • Expect Excellence (Vision + Standard)

  • Inspect for Excellence (Feedback + Process)

  • Accept only Excellence (Celebrate + Accountability)


Compassion- PS I love me

  • The Past

  • The Present

  • The Future


The Price of compassion is worth it- 3 Encouragements

  1. Compassion Disrupts

  2. Compassion Costs

  3. Compassion Changes Lives



You were created to create

  • Dream- vulnerability, what could be? what is in the way? mindset, passion, sense of wonder, vision

  • Develop- risk, failing, confidence, no regret, create, struggle, innovate, overcome, problem-solve

  • Deliver- sacrifice, serve, change, act, move, do, responsibility, stare fear in face, obligation, give gift away, unique, enrich, impact, inspire, energize, transform, spark, leave better



Drop the MIC! (Creativity)

Model It! (Actions match words; growth and advancement; continuous improvement; relentless pursuit of excellence)

Inspire It! (Boundary freedom; inclusive; ask great questions; allow for margin to explore; mistake making; engagement and research; opinions expressed) Celebrate it! (Honor and recognize new ideas, new ways, innovation; empowerment; gratitude)


Conviction POP


  1. First , you must understand your values and your principled beliefs. 

  2. Secondly, as you come to understand you uncompromising and unwavering values, you are able to continue to overcome what life throws at you because you have crafted your response because of the paradigm you see life through.

  3. Then as I continue to understand my principles, I continue to overcome…I am able to see what is next and move forward to make an impact with my unique calling and path.




  • Energy 

  • Engage

  • Excellence

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