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Quinn Conyers

Public Speaking Expert, Corporate Event Emcee (MC), Women in Leadership Keynote Speaker

Travels From: Baltimore, MD

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Collaboration, Professional Development, Speaking With Confidence,  Communication, Women in Business, Leadership 

Keynote #1: Turn Conversations Into Association Members 


Intended Audience:

Members of local, state and national associations as well as Membership chairs. 


Presentation Overview:

Many associations are struggling to attract new members and retain loyal ones. As a result, there is a member reduction in professional development programs, networking activities  and annual convention attendance. 


This thought-provoking presentation is designed to provide tips, tools, techniques and strategies  on how all association members including members, membership coordinators, and Association Executives can play an intentional part in membership recruitment and retention. 


Association members will  learn:

  • V:  How to Verbalize the Value of membership by retiring the associations ancient Elevator Pitch.

  • O: How to Outline the benefits of association membership in a way that's clear, concise and compelling. 

  • I: The importance of Inviting and Interacting with potential members BEFORE making the ask to join. 

  • C: Connect & Collaborate with current members for retention and recruitment.

  • E: How to share Examples of diverse members excelling, shining and thriving as a result of membership in your association. 


Keynote #2: Make Her Voice Visible In The Workplace


Intended Audience:

Diverse women in the workplace who want to be seen, heard, valued, appreciated and promoted in the workplace. 


Presentation Overview:

Many women are awesome and amazing at what they do but struggle to verbalize their value, communicate with confidence or present their ideas/suggestions in a way that's clear, concise and compelling. 


As a result,  many qualified women  are overlooked for promotions, silent when they want to speak up or worse not  taken seriously by their male counterparts because they lack effective public and professional communication skills. 


This powerful presentation turns up the volume on the voices of aspiring and current women in leadership positions. At the end of this talk, women in the workplace will learn how to leverage communication as a competitive advantage to excel in their career


More specifically they will learn: 

  • S: How to speak with confidence before you say a word.  

  • T: How to be aware and transparent about sabotaging self-talk and replace it with superior self talk. 

  • A: How to be more assertive and less appreciative in their current position. 

  • N: How to establish and communicate “Non-Negotiables” to prevent burnout and resentment in the workplace. 

  • D: How to   delete weak words and replace them with wealthy words when communicating with colleagues and  co-workers or speaking at internal/external events. 


Keynote #3: Leading With Her Voice 


Intended Audience:

Established  women in mid-level to senior level leadership positions who are required to lead teams and speak/present often to be successful in their role. 


Presentation Overview:

Many women in leadership positions have to lead their team to increase the company’s bottom line, lead meetings internally or present initiatives and ideas to the public externally. 


However they lack clear, concise and compelling communication skills that will make them a confident presenter. As a result emails go unanswered, she is not taken seriously and lacks credibility when speaking in front of an audience where she is the only (woman, person of color, Baby Boomer, Millennial, etc)...


As a result, these highly experienced women leaders are passed over for promotion, speak with weak  instead of wealthy words and have no idea how to verbalize the value of the work they do and lead a team to reach and exceed company goals. 

This presentation teaches  established women leaders how to turn up the volume on her voice by leveraging intentional verbal and non-verbal communication strategies as a superpower for career growth and advancement. 


What she will learn:

  • S: How to Speak Up and confidently exude Executive Presence before she says a word. 

  • M: How to “Move a Crowd”  to take action whether it's her team, colleagues or Board of Directors to move forward on an idea, campaign or company initiative. 

  • I: Techniques and strategies to be a compelling communicator to  Interact and Involve with a  virtual and or in-person audience so they are not bored but  buy into your  mission and message. 

  • L: How to incorporate Luxury Language and NOT Discount Dialect in all written and verbal communication so they are taken seriously and is viewed as a thought leader and subject matter expert. 

  • E: How to execute and deliver consistent results as a leader leveraging your voice as an effective communicator.

Keynote #4: Turn Conversations Into Clients

Intended Audience:

Established Women Entrepreneurs, Founders and Business Owners who have successful service based business but still struggle explaining to others what they really do and how their products or services are  different or innovative compared to their competitors. 


Presentation Overview:

Many seasoned business owners and entrepreneurs  struggle answering the question “What do you do?”  with clarity,  confidence and conviction. 

Oftentimes they even beat themselves up because they know  they’ve  lost clients, contracts and consulting opportunities because you were all over the place when pitching and explaining their  business to clients or corporations. 


As a result, attending in-person  industry events,  conferences and networking events makes them nervous or  anxious because they haven’t found the right words to verbalize their value that accurately communicates their capabilities. 


This presentation teaches entrepreneurs and business owners why they must retire their boring and basic elevator pitch and replace it with a clear, concise and compelling verbal business card. It shows women business owners how to strategically leverage luxury language as a competitive advantage in their communication style so they can have intentional conversations that lead to clients, contract and consulting opportunities.


What you will learn:

  • How to Verbalize their Value with an elevated elevator pitch to capture and keep the attention of potential clients as soon as you open their mouth.

  •  How to identify “conversation” opportunities that lead to clients, consulting agreements  and signed contracts. 

  • What a Verbal Business Card is and why every Entrepreneur needs one no matter if you’ve been in business for 2 years  or 2 decades. 

  • How to leverage luxury langage as a competitive advantage to attract clients when prospecting and networking. 

  • How to differentiate  yourself from other business owners in your industry so you can dominate and earn TOP dollars without appearing to be easily duplicatable. 

  • Tips, tools and techniques on how to turn up the volume on your voice so you can be intentional and deliberate about leveraging your voice as lead generation, marketing strategy, revenue stream and funding source within your business.

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