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BJ Daniels

Former National Football League Player

Travels From: Tampa, FL

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Overcoming Adversity, Mental Health, Overcoming Challenges, Resilience, and Preservation

BJ Daniels News

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BJ  Beyond the Red Zone: How a Super Bowl Winner Became a Mental Health Champion

From a very young age, BJ Daniels’ life revolved around football. He became a star quarterback at the University of South Florida, and went on to play professionally in the NFL...



BJ Daniels makes the transition at USF from the gridiron to the front office

BJ Daniels had some amazing plays at USF. But his first touchdown pass against Florida State is his favorite. His first touchdown as a Bull had an extra special meaning because it came against a team in his hometown that he grew up watching...


They’re going to very soon find out about BJ Daniels the coach

BJ Daniels’ time as a record-breaking quarterback was only the first act of his USF football career. And, according to Bulls offensive coordinator Charlie Weis Jr., it might not even be his most successful one.



BJ Daniels ready for next step as head football coach

Throughout his career, Lincoln High grad BJ Daniels has never forgotten where he came from, and now he's right back where it all started as head football coach of his high school alma mater.


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