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Dr. Jomo Cousins

Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Author

Travels From:  Tampa, Florida

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615) 681-6588

Categories: Motivational Speaking, Financial Seminar, Youth Programs, The Leader Within, Surviving The Storms of Life, The Winning Mindset 

Booking Code: 013

Dr. Jomo Cousins, Pastor, @LovefirstChristianCenter- Osprey Observer TV

Dr. Jomo Cousins, Pastor, @LovefirstChristianCenter- Osprey Observer TV

The esteemed Dr. Cousins is the founder and senior pastor of @LovefirstChristianCenter in Riverview, FL. He is an accomplished author and contributing benefactor and producer of the critically acclaimed movie, "A Question of Faith." Leveraging his nationally recognized status as a retired NFL defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants, he has extended his reach within the community through self-motivation seminars, presentation competencies, youth partnership programs, and financial wealth symposiums. Dr. Cousins is an alumnus of Florida A&M University where his motivational speaking journey began, encouraging high school students to seek a higher education. He was the first generation in his family to go to college. Dr. Cousins went on to earn his PhD from Tabernacle Bible College. Included in his accolades is his creation of The Gap (The Guaranteed Achievable Plan), a formula derived to achieve unlimited success and capital gain. Of all his accolades and accomplishments, Dr. Cousins is most proud of his first ministry, his marriage to Dr. Charmaine and their beautiful children Jomo, Jamya, and Josiah. Pastor Jomo Cousins Would love to talk about Love First, your expansion, your 'pop-up' church at St. Joes south and keeping the faith during a global pandemic. Inspirational Motivational Speaker • Senior Pastor at Love First Christian Center • Ex-NFL Player • Cancer survivor • Beloved father & husband /// Website: /// Our History, The #OspreyObserver The Osprey Observer started publishing as a newsletter in 2001. The main focus was to cover community news and activities specifically in FishHawk Ranch. After the first month, residents started requesting more news from the surrounding community and we started to expand. We added the subdivision of FishHawk Trails, River Hills and Bloomingdale within the first four months and were printing more than 10,000 copies per month after only six months. Quickly we realized there could be unlimited growth to the paper and we had to strive to maintain a focus. What did we want to become? What continued to set us apart from the rest? The response is content. We are different because our stories cover the communities we are in. We wanted to maintain our reputation as a strong community newspaper despite our desire to grow. Our first goal was to identify 15,000 homes to include in the Bloomingdale/FishHawk edition and then to expand after 18 months into a completely new edition, Riverview. The Riverview edition started with eight pages and 10,000 homes and is now 36 pages delivered to 16,500 homes in Riverview and Apollo Beach.In 2005, we added our third publication, Osprey Observer Valrico and were delivered to an additional 12,000 homes. The Valrico paper has also increased from 8 to 28 pages monthly. In May 2006, we launched our fourth edition, the Osprey Observer Brandon. The Osprey Observer Brandon was well received in the community and was our largest launch ever, with a 20 page edition from conception.With the fast growth of the paper, now publishing four editions totaling more than 80,000 copies monthly, we have added staff on a continuous basis, moved into a larger office to accommodate the growth, worked with students and local schools and strived to better the community in any way possible through event coverage, sponsorship or by providing volunteers. We currently have a staff of almost 20 people who work to get the newspapers out each month, including graphic designers, news reporters and editorial support, administrative support, interns and photographers.In January 2009, in response to community requests, the Osprey Observer acquired the 12-year-old Christian Voice monthly newspaper from Matt Seifter. The 8-page paper was distributed to local churches and businesses. In six months, the paper had doubled in size to 16 pages full color and was distributed to more than 10,000 local Christians covering the same positive community news that has become the reputation of the Osprey Observer.
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