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Dr. Jomo Cousins

Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Author

Travels From:  Tampa, Florida

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615) 681-6588

Categories: Motivational Speaking, Financial Seminar, Youth Programs, The Leader Within, Surviving The Storms of Life, The Winning Mindset 

Booking Code: 013


Topic 1: The Winning Mindset

We are exactly where we have set our minds to be. People often believe that life just happens to them, not realizing they have a role to play. The word mindset implies that we have control over what we choose to set our minds on. 


We are responsible for our response. We can’t control what happens, but we can become response-able. We will move in the direction of our most dominant thought.

Participants will:


  • We will discover how critical their mindset is to their success

  • Recognize the direct connection between mindset and success

  • Uncover the damages of a negative mindset

  • We will show you how to formulate the right mindset

  • Learn how to control the direction of our lives with the proper mindset

  • Create a doable plan of action for maintaining the proper mindset


Topic 2: Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

We will go as far as our attitude will take us. There are many factors that come into play when creating and keeping your attitude right. If everyone says “you have a bad attitude, you probably do.” Our attitude is totally in our  control and we must keep it in a positive state. 


Participants will:

  • Identify the ingredients of a positive attitude

  • Steps to identifying the kind of attitude you have

  • Create a purpose statement to steer your attitude

  • We learn how to maximize our moments

  • We must be sold on ourselves before others can be sold on us

  • Success is not built in a day, but by our daily habits

Topic 3: Change is Happening, Get Over IT/Embrace it

They say there are three things that don’t change,God, death, and taxes. Everything else is subject to change. And in a changing world we have to be adaptable. Whether we are dealing with people, technology, or location it’s happening. Those who master this mindset will always dominate those who don’t.


Participants will:


  • Understanding that Change is normal and necessary.

  • We will learn how to manage the changes that are coming.

  • Create a plan of action when change comes.

  • Adjust our mindset on obstacles to an opportunity.

  • There is a win here, we just have to find it

Topic 4: Surviving the Storms of Life


The one thing we can all be sure of in life is that storms will come. And we will have decisions to make and we will handle them. Some will try to run from the storm, some will hunker down, and some will drown. In this module we will learn how to recover from failure and keep moving forward. Failure is not final, it’s just a part of the process.


Participants will:

  • Understanding the mentality that Everything is hard before it’s easy

  • Recognizing that discipline will help you through the storm. 

  • Find the purpose in the pain. If you can find the purpose in your pain you will find power

  • Understanding that adversity was not made to break you, but make you. 

  • Help you create an action plan for when adversity hits.


Topic 5: The Leader Within


Our world falls and rises based on leadership. Before we can ever lead others we must lead ourselves. People will not follow parked cars. A leader must be going somewhere that others want to go.


Participants will:

  • Understanding self mastery is the beginning to developing the leader within

  • Identifying characteristics that maybe limiting your ability to lead other

  • Realization of the cost to lead others

  • Learning to die to self so the team can win

  • Understanding when it’s time to grind, recline, or whine.


Topic 6: Get Your Ask UP


People often struggle with identifying their value in the workplace and in business. They allow fear of the unknown to trap them into limited thinking. You will never grow your business or your life being afraid to ask for more. The worst they can tell you is no. And we must not allow someone’s no to hold you back from the yes’s that are waiting for you. 

Participants will:

  • Keys to building and understanding your value

  • Understanding that life is a numbers game

  • Accept rejection as normal and deal with it

  • Knowing when you have leverage to ask for more


Topic 7: Average Sucks

We must have a mentality change to be the best version of ourselves. And for change to happen we must hate the average. Average is the enemy of great. The goal is to never settle where you are but being in constant pursuit of the best version of yourself.


Participants will:


  • Determine who set their standards

  • Are their standards in alignment with their desires

  • Identify who are the standard bearers for their field

  • Give them steps to help is raising the bar

Topic 8: Stay In Your Lane


Diversification should come after you have won the race in your desired field. Too often people are mediocre in multiple fields which gives them no distinction. Olympians don’t enter into different disciplines before mastering their race. We cannot win our race looking in other people’s lanes.


Participants will:


  • Identify their lane

  • Learn the keys to focus on the finish

  • The mindset needed to drop the unnecessary weight that may be holding you back.

  • Assist in building a strategy to stay on point



  • Game Plan for Life- 90 minutes

  • Vision

  • What does success look like to you?

  • What are you willing to pay for it?

  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

  • What’s the difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know?

  • What kind of mindset do you have?

  • Do you believe?


2.  Day in the Life of A High Producer- All Day Workshop


  • Do you want it?

  • Daily affirmations

  • Breakdown of daily activities

  • Time Thieves

  • What am I worth?

  • What must you say yes and no to?

  • Are you a CEO or Employee?


3. The Leader Within- 45 Minutes


  • Leadership begins with you

  • Being Comfortable with the uncomfortable

  • People gravitate to leaders

  • 4 types of leaders 


4. P.E.A.C.E- Racial Inclusion-60 Minutes


  • Keys to unity

  • Bridge building 

  • Understanding differing dynamics

  • Addressing the issue

  • Love comforts and love confronts

5. The Mindset of A Prosperity- 60

  • It’s about power

  • It’s about choice

  • It’s about selection

  • It’s freedom

  • It’s about building your exit strategy


6. The Road To Recover- Cancer- The Change I Needed


  • Being diagnosed at 39 with stage 3 colon cancer

  • Plan of action

  • Dealing with my reality

  • Transforming my mind

  • The Fight of my life

7. N.F. L- Not For Long


  • Plan B

  • Redefining yourself

  • Course corrections

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