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Booking Code: 002


Rashmi Airan

Transformative Motivational Speaker, Culture Consultant, & Former Attorney 

Travels From: Miami, FL

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Dharma Leadership, Accountability in Times of Turmoil, Adapt Agility, 6 Global Truths

DHARMA LEADERSHIP: 6 Global Truths to Lead

Whether leading ourselves or others, we all need a moral compass to guide us to better decision-making. In this keynote, you will discover the gripping journey of a distinguished lawyer raised with unwavering values of accountability, hard work, and ethics, who unexpectedly finds themselves convicted of a federal white-collar crime. Today, Rashmi Airan is a culture consultant and motivational speaker, who shares her remarkable story as a prism through which to explore the six global truths of Dharma Leadership. In her presentations, she not only reveals the transformative potential of this unique leadership style in strengthening organizational culture but also imparts invaluable insights for daily decision-making. Central to Dharma Leadership is a focus on vulnerability and adaptability, offering actionable tools that enhance communication, mental well-being, and productivity, while reinforcing the core values of accountability and humanity. Rashmi's journey, which encompasses decision-making, accountability, relationships, mindset, and her coined word: adaptability, culminates in the creation of a personal moral compass for each listener, emphasizing that the duty of leaders extends not only to themselves but also to others.


  • Learn how the six global truths of Dharma Leadership work together to provide a dynamic leadership model.

  • Attract and retain employees with the tools to improve compliment to complaint ratio and market penetration.

  • Understand how stress mind share impacts our teams and cultures and how to directly address it.

  • Create long-term sustainability by implementing an effective decision-making process.

  • Cultivate the courage, vulnerability, and ability to have difficult and courageous conversations.

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