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Let us professionally produce custom video and audio messages for your

online social media marketing strategy.

  • Podcasts

  • Voice-overs

  • Online Programming

  • T.V. Programming

  • Headshots

  • Educational training videos

At Bishop, Stein & Associates PR, Inc., we know it's important that your production is top notch. That's why we have a team designated for all of your most intimate production needs.

Our team has the capability of producing podcasts, voice-overs, music/business videos, headshots, and more. We're here to help you with the concept and scripting for the video, and helping you tie the concept to your overall branding and executing your marketing strategy.

Just relax and leave the planning and the details to us.  We'll work closely with you to develop programming that always puts your best image forward.


Our team will help you record and edit a professional podcast. Let our team assist with the planning production, and execution of each program.

T.V. Production

BSA can help you with the ends and outs of T.V. production. From script writing to video production, let us help you put together a quality product.


At BSA we can write your scripts for your voice over, record your program, and even provide experienced voice over talent to read each script.


Need professional headshots taken? We have a photographer who can take provide incredible shots for you and/or your team.

Online Programming

Now everybody has an online presence on social media. We can help you present a polished image through video with professional script writing.

Training Videos

Are you in an industry that has to teach or explain things to people? We'll help you cut costs by producing an educational video explainingwhat workers or outside contractors need to know.

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