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Public Relations

Public Relations is the practice of a strategic communication process that builds a mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and its publics.

  • Branding

  • Community Relations

  • Event Management

  • Research & Data Analytics

  • Media Relations

  • Strategic Planning

  • News Releases

  • Media Training

  • Publicity

  • Crisis Management

  • Media Buying

  • Creative Writing

Public Relations is an essential component of the success of businesses, individuals, and non profit entities. Whether you have a service, product or want to promote yourself, you need a consistent message that is communicated to your key publics effectively. Let us help you come up with the best strategic plan to make you stand out from your competition.

From event planning to press releases and being able to handle any crisis effectively, we will help you tailor a creative approach to the toughest issues.

Bishop, Stein & Associates knows public relations, and we can help you make the best strategic move by offering excellent service and a customized planning approach for your brand. 



We'll make you stand out from the crowd with your one of a kind brand. You are unique, and so is your company's brand. Let us help you create the image that sets you apart. 

Media Relations

Whether you need to get  the word out  on a new product launch or special event, let us use our proven track record as media liaison to get you the coverage you need. 

Speech Writing

If you need help with writing a memorable speech, our team will work with you to create content that delivers your message with clarity and flair that won't be forgotten.

Community Relations

Building relationships with strategic community partners is an essential component of any successful business.  Let us show you how to build trust within the community through initiatives that build bridges through consistency and good will.

Strategic Planning

We'll help you develop a detailed strategic plan with goals and tactics that provide tactical planning  that consistently gets you the results you're looking for on a consistent basis.


Your image matters. We specialize in developing messages that use targeted strategies that make you stand out from your competition.  We can develop everything from  grassroots campaigns to paid promotions.

Event Management

Let us plan your next big event. At BSA we'll work with you to take care of everything, from the smallest to biggest of details required to make your event a success.

News Releases

Do you have an event or a  new launch needing news coverage?  Let us formulate a newsworthy press release so you receive excellent media coverage.

Crisis Management

When it comes to crisis communications, it's not a matter of if, but, when. Every business should be prepared for a crisis at any time.  Let us use proactive planning to help you successfully avoid negative effects of not being prepared should something bad happen. 

Research & Data Analytics

  Measuring the keys to your success is an essential component of figuring out ways to improve and grow.   We use the latest digital platforms to gather information, analyze your data, and write up results in a way that is easy to understand.

Media Training

Let us show you how to present yourself in front of media professionals! Our experts will provide step by step training to be able to present like a pro.

Creative Writing

Let our professional writers come up with copy that adds a unique creative spin that will clearly get your message across in a way that is well received. Whether you're giving a speech

or writing a script for broadcast copy, we'll ensure you get the results you seek.

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