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Public Relations is the practice of a strategic communication process that builds a mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and its publics.

  • Branding

  • Community Relations

  • Event Management

  • Research & Data Analytics

  • Media Relations

  • Strategic Planning

  • News Releases

  • Media Training

  • Publicity

  • Crisis Management

  • Media Buying

  • Creative Writing

Public Relations is an essential component of the success of businesses, individuals, and non profit entities. Whether you have a service, product or want to promote yourself, you need a consistent message that is communicated to your key publics effectively. Let us help you come up with the best strategic plan to make you stand out from your competition.

From event planning to press releases and being able to handle any crisis effectively, we will help you tailor a creative approach to the toughest issues.

Bishop, Stein & Associates knows public relations, and we can help you make the best strategic move by offering excellent service and a customized planning approach for your brand. 


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