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Dr. Tony Reames

International Leader on Energy and Environmental Justice

Travels From: Ann Arbor, MI

Speaking Fee: Please contact us for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Energy Equity, Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Justice, Economic Impact and Diversity

Energy Equity


  • What is energy equity?

  • Transitioning to cleaner more resilient energy systems 

  • Recognizing and eliminating disparities in energy systems by planning decision making to ensure the fair distribution of clean energy benefits and ownership




  • Where do we go from here?

  • Renewable energy and breaking away from traditional silos

  • What are the consequences to lack of renewable energy sources?


Energy and Environmental Justice Policy and Analysis


  • What are energy justice and environmental justice?

  • Getting the word out on biodiversity and renewable energy

  • How do you level the playing field when it comes to underserved communities and clean energy and environmental programs?


Economic Impact and Diversity


  • What is the cost of not seizing this moment of unprecedented Federal and State government funding?

  • Recognizing and working with key stakeholders to effect change in the world we wish to see.

  • Creating frameworks for measuring equity across energy efficiency and clean energy programs among utilities, state regulatory agencies and other practitioners, while engaging and centering on Black, Indigenous and other people of color and frontline communities.

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