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Michelle Gines

Digital Strategies, Marketing & Communications

Travels From: Tampa, FL

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Leadership, Personal Growth & Empowerment, Marketing, Communications, Digital Transformation 

Quest for Authentic Faith

Quest for Authentic Faith

Host: MG, the Reimagine Strategist Guest: Chandrika, Educator, Author, and Outdoors Enthusiast Episode Summary: In this enlightening episode of the "Reimagine You Lab Podcast," host MG chats with guest Chandrika, an educator from Columbus, Georgia, and author of the bestselling book, "Lord, I Don't Want to Die a Christian." They delve deep into topics of personal transformation, the challenging choices between curiosity and conventional faith, and how pivotal changes can redefine our paths. Chandrika shares her profound experiences from a mission trip to China and how it ignited her curiosity and reshaped her understanding of faith and personal identity. Key Points Discussed: The Impact of Change: Chandrika discusses how relocating to China for a mission trip was a transformative experience that reshaped her outlook and spurred significant personal growth. Curiosity vs. Conformity: The conversation explores the tension between following a predetermined path and embracing curiosity to forge one's own beliefs and identity. Questioning Beliefs: Chandrika shares insights from her book, focusing on questioning and reevaluating the teachings of Christianity based on her experiences and newfound perspectives. The Power of Personal Experience: The discussion highlights the importance of personal experiences in shaping one's relationship with spirituality and faith, beyond the conventional teachings of religious texts. Key Quotes: "If you drank my water, you would never thirst again." – Reflecting on spiritual fulfillment and the constant search for meaning. "It's enough to be curious about God, people, the world around me." – Chandrika emphasizes the importance of nurturing curiosity to lead a fulfilled life. Recommended Actions for Listeners: Embrace curiosity and allow yourself to question and explore your beliefs. Consider the role of personal experiences in shaping your faith and understanding of the world. Reflect on your own journey and how pivotal changes have influenced your life Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: DYIDUNCFTECNV0Y4
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