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Award Winning PGA Teacher, Motivational Speaker, Podcast/TV Personality, Three Time Best Selling Author, "Ryder Cup" of Wine Host

Travels From: Nashville, TN

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Building Confidence, Turning Analytics Into Action, Self Motivation, Chasing Dreams, Confronting Fears, & Mental Training

Virgil Herring

GETAPEAR  - The Foundational Process That All Championship Teams Employ 

  • The fears that interfere with execution

  • The lies we tell ourself 

  • Move into the struggle 

  • Take action 

  • Execute

  • Assess 

Moving From Hoping to Believing to Knowing 


  • Training the physical pieces 

  • Training the mental pieces 

  • Training the emotional pieces 

  • Then blending them together to create an environment that builds true confidence that you can trust under the pressure of chasing dreams 

The Four Most Important Analytics to Playing Championship Golf 

  • Utilizing and understanding analytics to power your practice into an efficient and effective training session

  • How to properly test them 

  • How to properly assess them 

  • Investigate, integrate, and infiltrate toward mastery 

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