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Robin Shear

Motivational Speaker, Joy Coach, Bestselling Author 

Travels From: Detroit, MI

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Beating Burnout, Reducing Turnover Rates, Finding Joy When Life’s Messy, Building Connection Personally and Professionally, Feeling Good in a Hurry, Decreasing Stress During the Holidays

Robin Shear Topics


You’ve seen the “choose joy” t-shirts and water bottles. They’re cute and you love the idea of choosing joy, but you don’t know how. Joy seems complicated in our hurting world and no one is teaching the “how” part of the “choose joy” message. Discover 5 fun steps to help you have more actual joy and #feelgood fast. You’ll laugh your way to real change! 

Participants will:

  • Uncover the difference between joy and happiness, become aware of which one they put more effort into, and explore why it    matters. 

  • Receive the gift of time to focus on beginning a personal joy bucket list. 

  • Investigate their personal beliefs around having more joy and challenge the role that guilt plays in keeping them from feeling    joy in life. 

  • Quickly master a helpful, memorable strategy to help combat any head trash that keeps them from having more joy. 

  • Create a doable action plan that allows them to have more fun each day. 

  • Recognize the goodness in filling their joy buckets to overflowing so they can intentionally share joy with others. 


Here’s good news for depleted givers in the trenches: Having fun can combat burnout. Want to learn how? This laughter-filled presentation will motivate you to find the balance of playing by the rules while enjoying an occasional side trip into the great unknown, having more fun in the process. 


Through her photo-filled stories of real, unplanned adventures, Joy Coach Robin gives you permission to play more. She’ll help you examine your comfort zones and show you how being more spontaneous brings joy – to you, your family, and your colleagues. Feel the freedom! You won’t believe the benefits. 


You’ll be inspired to make more memories… and tell burnout goodbye. 


Participants will: 

  • Explore why stretching their comfort zones and being more spontaneous is so beneficial overall. 

  • Hear several real-life stories of the joy that comes with being more spontaneous. 

  • View their own situations through fresh eyes and imagine how excitement can be easily added. 

  • Be inspired to take more chances and make more memories.  

  • Have more fun and feel more alive. 


Have you ever looked at a photo on social media and caught yourself thinking, “I'd be smiling too, if my life were that perfect?” It’s natural to associate joy with the absence of problems.  It’s expected that we will feel happy when all is right with the world: When our loved ones are doing well, we have found success, or our skinny jeans fit:  YAY!   

But what about when life isn’t perfect: When the needs of your family seem to be growing by the day, you’re a business owner and people aren’t buying what you’re selling, or the never-ending problems of the world are taking a toll on you?  Where is happiness then?   


Is it possible to find joy in the mess, when the circumstances pretty much stink?   

In this upbeat and laughter-filled presentation, allow Joy Coach Robin’s personal story to help you assess the differences and similarities between happiness and joy… and which YOU rely on most often.  Knowing the difference will change the way you see your darkest days. This deep dive into what keeps us from having the joy we deserve will uncover solutions that just might surprise you. 


Participants will: 

  • Consider how they personally define happiness and joy, discuss whether there is a difference, and find out why it matters. 

  • the balance in their lives between things that bring a positive result on a superficial basis and things that have a deeper, richer impact in the long term. 

  • List what contributes joy to their lives utilizing a fun take-home card, with encouragement to consider how often they are incorporating it once the workshop ends and real life rolls on. 

  • Engage in a personal story to discover how to apply personal joys on their card to situations that are less than desirable and increase their chances of an unexpectedly positive end result. 

  • Be empowered by recognizing the joy-choosing power that they possess. 

  • Benefit from mixing joy into their lives without resolving issues first. 


Are you in a fragmented, disconnected environment? You’ll know how to have more joy in your bucket after this honest, heartfelt presentation with Joy Coach Robin. Because connection can be a rich source of joy even when we are down and out, you’ll be inspired by true stories of times that real connection was shared despite the odds, differences, and lack of resources. You’ll learn what questions to ask to bring the walls down, and how to listen compassionately when stories are shared. This session will make you want to reach out to the people in your path, finding unity and joy that overflows. 

Participants will:

  • Master the foundations of choosing joy when it doesn’t come naturally. 

  • Be inspired to find joy through connecting with others on a deeper, meaningful level. 

  • Discover surprising ways to connect and have courage to ask the type of questions that encourage people to open up. 

  • Deepen the joy that’s felt in really being seen and heard by mastering compassionate listening skills. 

  • Leave the session empowered to truly know and connect with others. 


If you’re ready to decrease turnover and employee disengagement, you’ll appreciate the difference these 3 strategies will make in your corporate culture. This presentation is fun and interactive, inspiring real change in your team from the top down and bottom up. 

Participants will: 

  • Assess the stark realities of employee disengagement. 

  • Discover one easy way to build supportive work relationships. 

  • Adopt a more positive work mindset. 

  • Reawaken a long-forgotten strategy to infuse energy into the workday. 

  • Feel more gratitude for their workplaces and be less likely to leave. 


We’ve all been there.  We love the holidays and the bountiful goodness that comes with them.  We long for simplicity and authentic celebration.  We have great intentions of not getting swept away in the chaos… but despite our best efforts, soon we are overcommitted, behind on preparations, burned out, and forgetting to enjoy the “most wonderful time of the year” (shoutout to Andy Williams, 1963).  We can find ourselves on autopilot in survival mode, viewing the holidays as one gigantic to-do list.  

Wow.  Are we ok with this? 

This year, with Joy Coach Robin’s guidance, let’s commit to simple strategies that deliver real joy throughout the holiday season.  We will prepare our hearts and minds together so that this is our most meaningful, most joyful holiday experience. We will learn to be intentional, maintain focus, and soak up the goodness of the holidays, with the intention of giving it away.  Our joy will fill us up and have the potential to overflow to anyone in our paths.  With a few simple strategies in place, we can demonstrate that Andy Williams knew what he was singing about! 


Participants will: 

  •   Acknowledge that while holiday stress will exist, joy can exist with it. 

  •  Invite the wonder of childlike thinking back into their holidays. 

  • Choose a purpose focal point and make it a priority and decision guide. 

  • Discover the joy in connecting with others. 

  •  Identify and meet their personal need for self-care throughout the holiday season. 

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