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CEO at Yuvoice, Founded Dweebs Global, Award-Winning Cybersecurity Attorney

Travels From: San Jose, CA

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Cybersecurity, Technology, Leadership, Nonprofits, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Social Media, Criminal Justice Reform, Social Justice

21 Leadership Lessons For Global Superheroes


A fun, fast, and popular speech, this keynote shares unique leadership tips from a young, brown, female leader in a busy world. Throw out everything you’ve learned from traditional ivory tower leadership books and discover how to:


  • Find a good idea or a strong cause to support

  • Turn a group of friends into a superhero team

  • Inspire volunteers

  • Incorporate a nonprofit, find supporters, and get started

  • Become a leader in your free time

  • Brand as a superhero


For companies, this speech is a life-changing keynote. It teaches your workforce how to upskill outside of the office, while you support, brand, and partner with the world-changing movements they launch. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5 Other World-Changing Issues You Need To Know About


There’s too much crazy news to keep up with. Join Isvari for a fascinating and fast-paced talk where you’ll learn enough to ponder the future (and impress your network) about the six most important global issues: 


  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • The end of borders in the international economy

  • Criminal justice reform

  • Animal welfare

  • Loneliness, mental health, and social media

  • And the future of democracy

Cyber, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and How To Survive The Social Media Apocalypse 


So, things aren’t looking too good online right now. Misguided billionaires run lawless on the internet while data privacy died a decade ago. Reddit’s moderators are fleeing, Twitter is now X-tremely racist, Facebook is more Meta than real, and should we be banning TikTok? 


Join Isvari Maranwe on a fascinating story covering everything from backdoors to cybersecurity.  A deep dive on the tech economy and the future of social media, this speech is also the wry autobiography of a girl from the Silicon Valley who became a cybersecurity attorney for the U.S. government, and now founded her own social media nonprofit.


Network 1000


For a personal branding and content creator speech like no other, join LinkedIn influencer Isvari Maranwe on a whirlwind tour about discovering your “Network 1000.” Learn to: 


  • Create a professional superhero brand that elevates your traditional career

  • Grow a healthy following of believers who take action

  • Convert your engagement into impact on your life, wallet, and community

  • Discover tips that actually work for women of color (and everyone else!)

  • Accept it’s not about the likes, clicks, and fame! 

  • And most importantly, make 1000 friends and community members who will level up your career, happiness, and life


For companies, this revolutionary keynote is a must to upskill your workforce. 

All speeches are crowd-interactive and come with a complimentary feature of you or your company on Isvari’s social media (>300K audience, value = $5K).

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