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CEO at Yuvoice, Founded Dweebs Global, Award-Winning Cybersecurity Attorney

Travels From: San Jose, CA

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Cybersecurity, Technology, Leadership, Nonprofits, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Social Media, Criminal Justice Reform, Social Justice

Isvari Maranwe helps you become a superhero brand.


In 2024, superhero branding is everything—customers, employers, and employees want to know how you impact the world. A 2x TEDx speaker and cybersecurity expert, Maranwe’s interactive talks create tangible leadership impact, educate crowds on how to build their superhero platform, and inspire everyone to change their communities.


Maranwe is the CEO of Yuvoice, which is launching the world’s largest pro-democracy, community engagement platform as an alternative to current social media. Yuvoice gamifies doing good and is launching in 2024 with a 100+ team from over 25 countries, a artificial intelligence-powered algorithm, and a goal to hit one billion users in a decade. 


In 2020, Maranwe also co-founded the viral mentorship nonprofit Dweebs Global, which launched at the start of the pandemic by helping over a thousand people in less than three months. 


A cybersecurity and national security attorney, Maranwe has worked with Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, the National Commission on Service, the Federal Communications Commission, the Department of State, and indigent asylum seekers. 


She was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Secretary of Defense in 2019 and recognized as an Out Leader in National Security in 2021.


Maranwe is a former physics researcher and accomplished columnist. She worked at Fermilab and CERN in particle physics, researched with Nobel Laureate Saul Perlmutter in supernova cosmology, and has taught mathematics and Python. She has written regular columns for The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, and Medium, where she has been a Top Voice in Business, Politics, and Love. 


Maranwe is also an Amazon best-selling author, has performed as a concert pianist, and is a professional portrait/landscape artist. She has lived and worked across three continents, traveled to over 40 countries, and worked with people in over 50 countries. As an LGBTQIA+, brown, and Gen Z speaker, she has unique perspectives for every audience.


A young graduate of UC Berkeley and Georgetown Law, Maranwe is only 27 years old. 


Fun fact: Maranwe once gave five highly rated talks for Medium in one day after a red eye flight and sleeping for thirty minutes in between speeches.

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