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Dee Oldham Headshot.jpeg

Darrius Oldham

Executive Creator of WTE Institute

Travels From: Nashville, TN

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Sports, College and High School Athletes, At Risk Youth (Juveniles, Group Homes, Residential Centers), College Student, High School Graduates

Darrius Oldham Topics

Overcoming Barriers to Success

The significance in implying a repeatable process to everything you want to achieve in life regardless of your circumstances. Oldham shares three basic principles that have been the core foundation to all the accomplishments he has achieved in his life.


A Champions Mentality (Strictly for Athletes)

Having a championship mentality is something every coach dreams of instilling into their team. With this mentality you will always rise to the top regardless of the setbacks and hardships that are endured through an athletic journey. Oldham shines light on his athletic career and how he went from zero college scholarship offers to playing professional basketball for three consecutive years before getting his chance with the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder G-League Affiliate. A High School Hall of Fame Inductee, A NCAA Division 1 Socon Champion, NCAA March Madness participant, and an overseas professional champion in South Australia.

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