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Rashmi Airan

Corporate and Motivational Speaker

Travels From: Miami, FL

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: Ethics, Organizational Culture, Reputational Risk, Human Performance

Rashmi Airan News

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How to Encourage Ethical Behavior a Cautionary Tale on Organizational Ethics

Rashmi Airan was an ambitious lawyer, by many measures at the top of her game leading her own law firm, when she lost sight of her own high standards for corporate ethics. After pleading guilty to charges of general conspiracy, she was sent to federal prison and had time to reflect on how she got there. She shared her story with us, including what she learned about how to encourage ethical behavior as an organizational leader.

Rashmi Airan graduated from Columbia Law School with honors, worked for several major...


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And the Verdict Is...

Miami, Florida, with its beautiful beaches and mild weather, draws in home-buyers from all over the country—and the globe. Though the sunny state of Florida totaled nearly 46,000 homes sold in 2016, 2008 was a completely diferent story, marking the state low of 25,900.

With an economic recession in full swing, Rashmi Airan was approached by a real estate developer client who saw an opportunity to exploit this declining market. Rashmi was involved with executing creative transactions which would presumably help set her family up with financial...


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Interview with Rashmi Airan: Law, Blindspots, Prison and Redemption

Rashmi was a successful lawyer who graduated with honors from Columbia Law School. After working for several major corporations, she launched an independent law practice in Miami, Florida. During the housing boom, she was recruited to work with

a local real-estate developer who later engaged in shady business practices. Her involvement resulted in a one year sentence in Federal prison, alongside a $19M judgment against future earnings, required community service hours and 3 years supervised release. As a mother of two and devoted community activist, Rashmi has reconfigured her subsequent...


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