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Author, Multi-Media Producer And Former U.S. Air Force Public Affairs Superintendent.

Travels From: Washington, DC

Speaking Fee: Please contact for more information (615-681-6588)

Categories: African American Studies, Research Tools, Fiction Book Writing 101, Using Multi Media Communication

Michael R. Pope


Why does it take a .45 slug to the face to inherit President Abe Lincoln's Reparations?

The Last Will and Testament by Abraham Lincoln surfaces in 1977 Chicago Illinois containing a massive land expanse in Central Illinois including reparations for former slaves, is screaming for illicit attention by some bad actors...



E Lincoln's Touch - Michael R. Pope

During a dark period in early U.S. history, European migrants swarmed into the new fledgling and lawless nation struggling to find its identity. After emancipation of its slaves, a deep fracture opened an infected wound of racism and greed...


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